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Equities often have higher yields than fixed income

Fixed income is often used to describe a category of investments that provide investors with income that one purchases to receive income. Some examples of fixed-income investments include Canada savings bonds, Canada premium bonds, government bonds, treasury bills and corporate bonds. These types of fixed-income investments generate income payments that the purchaser would know in […]

The snowball effect on net worth

Over the years I’ve had many people ask me for advice for someone wanting to improve their financial position. Below are a few of the concepts of how people generate wealth over time. These may seem like elementary concepts but can be valuable for someone new to investing. Savings trumps investing The first concept I […]

Placement of investments in registered, non-registered accounts

All income and growth within Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) are tax deferred. Tax will only apply when amounts are withdrawn from these accounts. Registered accounts To illustrate, a client may have contributed $300,000 to an RRSP over 20 years with annual cash contributions (20 years x $15,000 per […]

The Greenard Group’s 10 principles on how we pick stocks

Over the years I have been asked several times how we pick our stocks. The process for picking stocks really begins with our overall investment philosophy. All decisions are made in the context of achieving the best risk adjusted returns for the entire portfolio over a medium to longer term. Returns can be achieved through […]

Inheritance enhances retirement and estate plan

Over the years we have helped new clients and existing clients deal with inheritances. In the majority of cases the inheritances are coming from parents. These can be done upon the parent’s passing away but are also done while they are alive in more and more cases. In other cases we have clients receiving inheritances […]