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Let’s make things perfectly clear

CAPITAL MAGAZINE When hiring an accountant or lawyer, you’re billed after services are rendered. In the investment world, it’s not so transparent. With embedded costs, market-value changes, withdrawals and deposits, it hasn’t always been clear exactly what you’ve been charged. The introduction of fee-based accounts and recent regulatory changes are making significant strides in providing […]

Regulatory Change Helps Drive Popularity of Fee-Based Investment Accounts

CPABC IN FOCUS MAGAZINE The investment services industry is changing at a dramatic pace, with investors demanding more choice, more transparency, and more personalized advice. One of the fastest growing trends within the financial services sector is the use of fee-based accounts. While there are many reasons for the increasing popularity of these accounts among […]

Behind the scenes with trade execution

If we define every transaction in an account as a trade then we can start a conversation about the basics of trade execution. Some people may believe that trading is executed through a primary stock market. If we keep this article specific about Canada, the primary exchanges are Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture […]

A proactive advisor can cut your taxes

Clients are often unaware of investment alternatives, credits, loss-recovery options I ask every new client to sign a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) form T1013 – Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative. This authorizes CRA to release tax related information to me, referred to as a “representative.” It is an invaluable tax tool to proactively help clients. […]

Financial tips for blended families

Opening the communication channels is key when helping couples in blended family situations.   This communication should absolutely start on Day 1 for blended families, and should be part of the account opening process. A good advisor will ask probing questions beyond the checklist of mandatory questions to first open an account.   With new blended families, it is not always […]