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To RRSP or Not To RRSP… you choose

It’s that time of year again when taxpayers contemplate if they will contribute to their RRSPs and, if so, how much?  RRSPs are one of the best ways to save for retirement.  Does it make sense to contribute this year?  Individuals without a corporate or government pension plan may feel more obligated to contribute to […]

A Foreign Investing Menu

The last two columns discussed the importance of having foreign investments within a diversified portfolio.  We also highlighted some of the inherent risks.  Today, we will look  at the most common methods investors can use to obtain foreign exposure. Where to begin? We are fortunate today to have a variety of different foreign investment options […]

Foreign investment risks

In our last column we reviewed where Canada fits in among the world’s largest exchanges.   Many investors have a “home country bias” that prevents them from looking at the many foreign investment opportunities because it is perceived as too risky.  It’s true that investments outside our border involve additional risks not present in Canadian securities, […]

Foreign Investing 101: Where Canada fits in

With our domestic market trading at historic highs investors are wondering how long it will last.  It may be a good time to consider increasing exposure to foreign markets, which is a component to a properly diversified portfolio. How does Canada measure up? Canada represents approximately 2.6 per cent of the world’s market capitalization.  Does […]

New Years Resolution # 1 – Prepare Will

The only thing worse than dying, is dying without a will. Jack and Jill Jones are among the many Victoria couples that have never had a professionally prepared will.  They’ve thought about it often enough, but haven’t taken the step because – like a lot of couples – they avoid discussing the spectre of death […]

Planning for the uncontrollable

Having a strategy to deal with uncontrollable events such as death, disability, critical illness, and general personal health is an integral part of financial planning.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones want to know their family would be taken care of if something were to happen to them. Nearly all of us insure our house and vehicle.  […]

A penny for your thoughts

So you want to invest? You’ve got a variety of options but your final decision will depend on your ultimate goals There are as many different goals, incentives and philosophies behind investment decisions as there are investors.   One person we know always seems to get annoyed with accumulating pennies – he does not feel that accumulating […]

Riding out of a perfect financial storm

October can be a scary time – especially when it comes to stock markets and money.  Historically, the month of changing leaves, carved pumpkins and Halloween has not always treated investors with sweet rewards. In fact, this past October represented the third-worst point decline in the TSX Composite Index over the past 30 years.  Only […]

Keeping up with the Joneses

The Greenard Index is a new investment column based on the Jones Family, a professional couple with a joint investment portfolio of $250,000. Profile of The Jones Family Join us as we track the investments of Jack and Jill Jones, aged 48 and 45 respectively.  Jack owns and manages his own business.  Jill is employed […]