Keeping up with the Joneses

The Greenard Index is a new investment column based on the Jones Family, a professional couple with a joint investment portfolio of $250,000.

Profile of The Jones Family

Join us as we track the investments of Jack and Jill Jones, aged 48 and 45 respectively.  Jack owns and manages his own business.  Jill is employed by the provincial government and is a member of the pension plan.   Jill’s income is relatively stable and known.  Jack’s income level fluctuates and in good years, he has a significantly higher income.  Jack and Jill have three children aged 16, 12 and 6.  Both of Jack’s parents are in good health and are aged 70 and 68.  Jill’s father passed away some years ago, her mother is 83 years old and in poor health.

Going forward we will be discussing market events, investment ideas and other relevant topics that impact the Joneses in taking care of their investments.

The decision to maintain a large component of cash equivalents is a deliberate one at this time.  After the original deposit we recommended that the Joneses purchase the Altamira High-Interest CashPerformer for their portfolio.  The CashPerformer is considered “cash equivalent” as it is low risk and liquid.

The CashPerformer is also a safe place to park cash while the Joneses patiently ease into the market.  Interest is calculated daily on the CashPerformer which provides the Jones with the flexibility of adding to the position throughout the month and not being penalized by early withdrawals.   The CashPerformer is currently earning 2.5% which is competitive when compared with other high interest savings options.