All good relationships start with a conversation

Our experienced team has assisted clients through multiple bear and bull market cycles.  Whether the markets are bullish or bearish our team has the credentials to provide you prudent advice.  If you are not sure that you are receiving the right advice, we would be pleased to arrange a complimentary meeting to thoroughly review your current portfolio and financial situation.

If you are having difficulty answering any of the questions below, then perhaps it’s time for a Second Opinion.

  • Are your fees transparent and do you know what you are currently paying?
  • Do you know how your investments have performed?
  • Are you obtaining value for the fees you are currently paying?
  • Are you getting the objective financial advice you deserve?
  • Do you know what investments you hold now and why?
  • Do you have an effective risk management strategy for your investments?
  • Are you reducing the taxes you pay through proper tax planning?
  • Are your estate, trust, protection and tax needs being looked after?
  • Do you have a defined Investment Policy Statement?

We provide full transparency to our clients.  This transparency includes disclosure of all fees each quarter.  At the end of each year, our clients receive a summary outlining the fees they paid along with performance reports.  Putting your needs first to achieve your personal financial goals is our commitment to you.

We welcome your call or email if you have any questions.

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Outside Victoria:  1-800-986-4043

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